About the Author

Liz Enright is a freelance cartoonist, illustrator and editor. She draws from personal experiences to create work that is equal parts whimsical and wistful. In other words, she aspires to please her ten-year-old self. Her recent projects include editing and contributing to the Sweaty Palms Anthology, a candid collection of comics about anxiety, and Quench, a short comic about coping with loss. She’s made comics her entire life, but The Sprout is her first graphic novel. 

Liz currently lives in Atlanta with her two fuzzy cats and one fuzzy boyfriend. She’s inspired by the magic and wonder of the world around her… just so long as she’s had her first cup of coffee. 

You can view more of Liz’s work on her website and Instagram

She can be reached at lizenrightart@gmail.com 


Author's Note

Navigating the world is both exhilarating and frightening when you’re a kid. I was shy, eccentric and chunky. Bullies were quick to remind me of every perceptible flaw in the off chance my self-awareness dipped. The only time I was comfortable in my own skin was while buried in a book. I latched onto stories that offered that intoxicating feeling of having discovered something for the first time. The pages provided a safe place for reflection and growth. Watching my favorite characters overcome obstacles against all odds inspired me to follow my own pursuits. In spite of what others thought, I continued creating until I developed entire worlds. 

The world-building, zany characters, and magic present in The Sprout are a nod to the things I loved as a child. Mallory’s struggle to carve out a place in the world is inspired by the insecurities I had (and to be honest, still have). Ultimately my little story, with all its goofy, mystical creatures, is one of self-acceptance. Before Mallory can master her powers and kick major Troll butt, she must learn to embrace her idiosyncrasies. I hope the comic reassures anyone who feels like they’re not good enough to keep going. Mistakes are just part of being a human (or a sprout, for that matter!)

Special Thanks to

Rich Tommaso |  thesis mentor  

Hank Jones |  flatter

Sage Coffey |  Pepin animator

Ed Valentine, Jonathon Rosen, Lisa Cron, Nathan Fox, and Tim Szetela |   thesis instructors

MFA Visual Narrative department